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Unlocking olfactory perceptions and emotions
Research Methods


The mind & heart fragrance exploration enables consumers to talk with rich vocabulary and translates consumer language for the expert.

This helps product developers to rework their products in the right direction based on valid consumer insights.
A preparation for quantitative fragrance and product testing

  • Generation of a list of relevant fragrance attributes for a specific product category and country/ target group.

  • Fragrance Exploration_Possible objectives Development of a fragrance attribute glossary.
Interactive approach:
  • Focus group with 8 consumers and 1 moderator

  • Participation of 1 or 2 clients (with fragrance expertise) in the group possible
Fragrance Exploration_SYNESTESIA

Stimuli should depend on the research objectives
The described qualitative fragrance research approach is a tool for fragrance screening.

For the final selection of the right fragrance when launching a new product a quantitative fragrance testing is recommended. Fragrance Exploration_Application
Fragrance Workshop
The interactive tool for the creation of fragrance concepts with direct consumer input
Innovation Workshop
Innovation Workshop
The interactive tool for consumer relevant ideas and concepts
Fragrance Exploration_Background Fragrance Exploration_Methodology