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The interactive tool for consumer relevant ideas and concept
It is a fact that the choice of the right fragrance is extremely relevant for each of these product areas.

When consumers are able to remember the fragrance of a certain product their brand- or product loyalty increases up to 60%.

In his bestseller “Brand Sense” the marketing expert Martin Lindström describes the influence of the sensual perception on the final purchase decision: The visual impression achieves with 58% the highest rank; the sense of smell achieves with 45% rank two in the list of the main purchase.
BUT very often the fragrances are not likeable for consumers of a specific culture or not really in line with the product concept from consumers´ point of view.

To avoid those fragrance failures the creative potential of the consumers should be involved in the early phases of the fragrance development.
Well described and visualized fragrance ideas plus concrete fragrance concept.

Support on concrete fragrance development by briefing and guidance of perfumers.
This makes a stimulating and creative atmosphere possible which provides a basis for the development of really outstanding and innovative ideas and concepts.

For all consumers and experts, who participate, we make sure upfront that they are motivated and open-minded when it comes to new ways of thinking and creative techniques.
  • Lateral thinking and large-scale ideas due to the heterogeneous group of participants.
  • Creative ideas with input from multiple perspectives and consideration of consumer expectations
  • Secondary insights on the fragrance perception by real consumers.
  • Special places with stimulating/ creative atmosphere - not at the customers‘ own locations.

  • 1 or 2 days depending on objectives and client request.
We offer ...

  • Concrete concept development by marketing experts

  • Packaging design / photo design

  • Development of fragrance concepts and fragrance development support

  • Creation of communication concepts and strategies
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WHICH type of fragrances or fragrance themes are potential winners against others?
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